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Too many of the self-publishing programs teach you how to market to specific outlets, but not how to publish a quality book that will earn praise. In the Bold Story Press Write and Publish Your Book program, we talk about the tried and true tenets of good writing and give you a solid foundation on the publishing process.

Why are the books of Malcolm Gladwell consistently so popular and why do they sell so well? Success is best achieved by understanding success. Studying successful books that continue to sell and understanding the core principles they used in producing that book will help you to create a book that sells well.

The poorly written book expertly marketed will sell just as few books as the expertly written book that is poorly marketed.

When Stephen Covey wrote “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” he drew on research he gathered by studying 200 years of published American self-help books. Napoleon Hill’s books were based on 20 years of boiling down the success methods of over 500 movers-and-shakers of that time.

Writing should be approachable and fun, not torturous. By optimizing your space for your writing style, creating a daily writing routine, and gathering and acting on inspiration, you can build a long-term writing process to rely on for years to come.


  • Why Do You Want to Write?: It’s important to be clear about your motives for writing your book. Do you want to entertain? Educate? Inspire? In this introductory class we look at motivation, inspiration, and narrowing your topic.
  • Understanding Your Market: Your book won’t be successful if you don’t know your market and really understand your readers. We’ll talk about the importance of understanding why the market leaders are successful and how to survey your readers to position your book for success.
  • Writing – Tried and True Basics That Really Work: In this important class, we’ll look at voice, working with objectives and an outline, incorporating stories and real-life examples, and the importance of the introduction and conclusion. We’ll talk about how to improve your writing skills.
  • Developing a Writing Practice: Downloading your brain, organizing yourself, writing a first draft, how to overcome writer’s block, and writing succeeding drafts are all topics for discussion.
  • Editing: Every book needs an editor. Whether it’s proofreading, copyediting, or developmental editing, we’ll talk about what value good editing will add to your book.
  • Publishing: In this class we’ll talk about print publishing, ebook publishing, and audiobooks. We’ll talk about the pro’s and con’s of publishing decisions like trim size, paper weight, and covers. We’ll cover the basics of copyrights, ISBN’s, etc.
  • Production: After the manuscript is complete and the editing is done, the book begins the production process. You’ll learn about the types of cover design and book design.
  • Launching Your Book: When it comes to marketing and selling your book, there is so much to discuss including reader’s reviews, cover blurbs, building an author’s website, mailing to your mailing list, and social media promotion.


Tuition: $797.00

What is Included?

  • Eight 1.5 hour live classes delivered via Zoom.
  • Private Facebook group for class inspiration, motivation, and collaboration.Eight 1.5 hour live classes delivered via Zoom.
  • Multiple resources including best-selling books on writing, templates, guideline sheets, and more.
  • Two thirty-minute private consultations with Emily.
  • Access to recorded classes after the class ends.