Bold Story Press Book Publishing Package

Why should I consider Bold Story Press over traditional publishing or self-publishing options?

Let’s face it, the publishing industry is not what it once was. So much has changed in the past several years.

If you want to go with a traditional publisher, first you must find an agent who will agree to take you on. This is no small task and can take hundreds of letters and up to or more than a year. Your agent must then successfully place your book with a publisher, (a process that can take several more months to a year or more). Your agent will then negotiate with the publisher for an advance on signing for you. Advances are good, but don’t forget that an advance is just an interest-free loan, and as compensation for her efforts, your agent will take 10 – 20%.

The publisher will then design and produce your book, but the days of big marketing launches for unknown authors are gone. Publishers now look for authors who have a built-in following and they expect you to take on a good portion of the marketing responsibility. On top of that, when the book sells your compensation for your efforts is a 10 – 15% royalty on the net cost of the book.

Because traditional publishing is so difficult, many new authors will turn to self-publishing. With self-publishing, the author hires her own editors, and works through manuscript revisions. She finds and hires her own designer who will design the interior of the book and the front, back, and spine of the cover. She registers her own copyright and buys her own ISBN’s and does her own metadata research. She launches and markets the book and when it sells, she keeps all of the royalties!

But, what if you don’t know how to hire a first-class editor and you overpay for someone who does not add significant value to the manuscript? What if you aren’t happy with the designs your designer provides but you have no recourse, and you spend hours teaching yourself about metadata research knowing that in the end you don’t even know what you don’t know? You may learn the hard way that self-publishing is not for everyone.

If you want to publish a high-quality, professionally edited and designed book, but can’t find an agent and don’t want to publish it yourself, Bold Story Press may be the publishing partner for you.

At Bold Story Press, we work only with expert editors and designers with years of experience, and we understand all of the details that must be right in order to publish a successful book.

Our covers are competitive with publishing leaders, and our expert editors give you better attention and care than you would receive from a traditional publisher.

At Bold Story Press you’ll have a direct relationship with the publisher, Emily Barrosse. Our creative team makes sure your book has commercial appeal and that it is positioned to sell well against the competition. Every part of your book’s editing, design, and production will follow industry standards, and nothing will go overlooked.

At Bold Story Press you share in the risks by paying a flat fee at the beginning of the process to underwrite costs associated with editing and design. However, when the book publishes you receive the large majority of the royalties as your book sells.

We are a team and a community of women who care about the books we’re publishing. We don’t just want to help you publish a book; we want to help you achieve your professional, personal, and creative dreams. 

We promote your books on, on relevant social media, and everywhere we go to talk about Bold Story Press. 



PROOFREADING (Included in the Bold Story Press publishing package)

All authors publishing with Bold Story Press will have their final manuscript proofread. This is to identify issues with style, typos, and grammatical errors. Every Bold Story Press book adheres to a high-quality publishing model, and we strive to publish beautiful, error-free books.

DEVELOPMENTAL EDITORIAL/COPYEDITING (Not included in your Bold Story Press publishing package.)

Our editorial standards are high at Bold Story Press. If your final manuscript does not meet our standards as submitted, but we feel it has such potential that a detailed, line-by-line edit by an expert developmental editor would bring the manuscript to the level we require, rather than reject your manuscript, we will recommend more in-depth editing. If your story requires additional support, we will provide experienced copyeditors, developmental editors, and/or book coaching. Contact publisher Emily Barrosse to explore your options.


Cover Design (Included in the Bold Story Press publishing package.)

Your cover design is a very important detail in selling your book. That’s why at Bold Story Press we work with the best designers to make sure that your books are beautiful and compelling.

The Bold Story Press publishing package includes a custom cover design. Our cover designers have years of experience and understand the industry. We take our cover designs very seriously. We will collaborate with you to make sure we’re giving your book its best chance of success in the marketplace.

We start the design process after you fill out a cover memo to help our creative team understand your vision. We’ll ask you to give examples of other book covers that fit the style you seek. Where it’s needed, we offer title and subtitle support, as well as input on your back-cover copy and where possible, leads to potential endorsers.

Interior Book Design (Included in the Bold Story Press publishing package.)

Your manuscript will be laid out into a beautiful design by one of our interior designers once we’ve approved your final cover design.

At this point, you’ll have a chance to review the manuscript and correct any formatting mistakes and other small errors that become visible once a book is designed and actually looks like a book. A manuscript typically goes through additional edits post-layout.

As part of our publishing package, we do full file preparation, both for e-publication, for print, and for POD (print-on-demand).

Printing (Cost of printing is not included in the Bold Story Press publishing package.)

Once both the cover and interior files are approved, your book will be uploaded and made ready and available on Amazon and other retail platforms for sale POD (print-on-demand) and as an Ebook. A printer-ready file will also be available. You will receive Advance Reader Copies* (ARCs) of your book. This is your last chance to catch anything before the book is printed. After you receive your ARCs, you send us any remaining final changes, and after updating, we will make the book available for sale.