Reviews of Bold Story Press

“Come to join a group of talented women writers, and yes, you will receive the gift of learning about publishing from one of the best, Emily Barrosse. However, because of the way she guides the group, you will be given an even greater gift: a unique opportunity to learn more about yourself and your possibilities as a writer than you had ever thought possible. In a word: Emily will inspire you to achieve your goal as a writer.”

Emily Vargas-Barón

Emily shared her time and expertise with us in this publishing webinar. I was moved by her honesty and authenticity about her experience with corporate inequity and how it inspired her to start Bold Story Press to publish the stories women write and want to tell. I learned so much from her and from the other powerful women who came to the webinar. It was joyful, truly.

Farrah Fazal

“The webinar was superb – it was very well organized and contained exactly the overview of the publishing world I needed.”

Dr. Nannette Blandin, President, The Nexius Institute

“Emily not only shared a precise and informative presentation on the publishing industry geared toward women, but followed up, one-on-one with each participant via Zoom. Here she zeroed in on my individual goals and options regarding MY needs and expectations. She offered advice having my interests and financial situation to heart. I was so heartened by her individual concern and motivated to continue at my own pace knowing that I had a professional ally.”

                                           –Tina Hudak