Bold Story Press Publishing Package

You may have heard that self-publishing can be an inexpensive endeavor. What benefit does an author get from publishing with Bold Story Press?

It can be inexpensive to self-publish, but that’s if you’re doing every step yourself. That’s a difficult road. In addition to writing your book, you have to edit it, format it, design it, print it, and market it. Even if you’re not spending actual money, you’re spending an immense amount of time. And if you don’t know how to find the best editors, designers, and marketers, your hard work might all end up being for nothing. Many self-published books fail because they are editorially and aesthetically below par.

With the Bold Story Press self-publishing package, we bring over thirty years of publishing experience to the process of turning your manuscript into a professionally published, high-quality book you can be proud of.  Our expertise will ensure that your book is not only published, but published with quality, industry-standard editing and design. And we’ll help you every step of the way to help you learn the ins and outs of publishing, so you come away with knowledge as well as a beautiful published book.

Also, self-publishing is a lonely endeavor, and many self-published authors don’t have the community or existing platform they need to be able to sell books. Although we can’t build an author’s platform for them, we do feel we are giving them a leg-up by featuring their books on Bold Story Press and on our social media sites. Authors also take advantage of the collective experience of those authors who’ve come before them, many of whom are active on the Bold Story Press groups on Facebook.

Why should I consider Bold Story Press over other popular self-publishing options?

Bold Story Press is more than just a printing service; we provide all the resources you need to make your book succeed. 

Our covers are competitive with the publishing leaders, and our editors give you the same attention and care that you would receive from a traditional publisher. When you publish through Kindle Direct Publishing, Kobo Writing Life, or Draft2Digital, you are the publisher and you do all the work yourself. You hire and manage your team, or you are a team of one. At Bold Story Press you’ll have a direct relationship with the publisher, Emily Barrosse. Our creative team makes sure your book has commercial appeal and that it will hold up against the competition. Every part of your book’s process will follow industry standards, and nothing will go overlooked.

We are a team and a community of women who care about the books we’re publishing, their quality, and their impact on readers. We don’t just want to help you publish a book; we want to help you achieve your professional and creative dreams. 

We promote your books on, on relevant social media, and everywhere we go to talk about Bold Story Press. 


$6,000.00 – $9,000.00

The services include:
  • High-end book cover design
  • Book interior design 
  • Proofreading of your final manuscript
  • E-book file conversion and upload to e-retailers, including Kindle, Nook, Apple Book, and Kobo
  • Copyright filing and obtaining your Library of Congress control number
  • Support and management of title metadata
  • Ongoing project management of your title for the lifespan of your book


Once you have submitted your manuscript for consideration and received your manuscript assessment, you can make the decision on how you’d like to move forward. If we recommend additional editing, we will help you find experienced copyeditors, developmental editors, and/or book coaching. Contact publisher Emily Barrosse to explore your options and get connected with a professional.


(included in the Bold Story Press publishing package)

All authors publishing with Bold Story Press will have their final manuscript proofread. This is primarily to catch stylistic errors, but typos and grammatical errors may also be found at this time. Our ultimate goal is that every Bold Story Press book mirrors a traditional publishing model, and we strive to publish beautiful, error-free books.

Your Cover

(Included in the Bold Story Press publishing package)

Your cover design usually coincides with the editing or proofreading stages of your manuscript.

There’s a saying that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but a great cover design is actually crucial to selling your book. That’s why at Bold Story Press we work with the best designers to make sure that your books are beautiful and compelling.

The Bold Story Press publishing package includes a high-level custom cover design. Our cover designers have years of experience and understand the ins and outs of the industry. We take our cover designs very seriously. We will collaborate with you to make sure you love your cover and make sure we’re giving your book its best chance of success in the marketplace. We also work with expert custom interior designers who will make sure your interior is as lovely as the cover. As part of our publishing package, we do full file preparation, both for e-publication, for print, and for POD (print-on-demand).

We start the design process after you fill out a cover memo to help our creative team understand your vision. We’ll ask you to give examples of other book covers that fit the style you seek. Where it’s needed, we offer title and subtitle support, as well as input on your back-cover copy and where possible, leads to potential endorsers.

Layout and Back Cover

(Included in the Bold Story Press publishing package)

Your manuscript will be laid out into a beautiful design by one of our interior designers once we’ve approved your final cover design and you have accepted the changes the proofreader has made to your manuscript.

At this point, you’ll have a chance to review the manuscript and correct any formatting mistakes and other small errors that become visible once a book is designed and actually looks like a book. A manuscript typically goes through additional edits post-layout.

Once you and your editor have finalized the interior, you’ll need to decide what will go on the back cover. The Bold Story Press publishing package includes an editorial review and edit of your back cover copy as well as design. Once this process is complete, the book is ready to go to the printer.


(Not included in the Bold Story Press publishing package)

Once both the cover and interior files are approved and to your liking, your book will be uploaded and made ready and available for POD (print-on-demand), and/or it will be prepped for printing. You will receive Advance Reader Copies* (ARCs) of your book. This is your last chance to catch anything before the book is printed. After you receive your ARCs, you send us any remaining final changes, we’ll update it and send the book to the printer and the ebook converter.

*The cost of printing your ARCs and final books is not included in the Bold Story Press publishing package.

The Bold Story Press publishing package requires a $1,500 USD deposit, with the remainder paid in monthly installments, with the last payment occurring during the month of your book launch.