Bold Story Press Publishing Package

You may have heard that self-publishing can be an inexpensive endeavor. What benefit does an author get from publishing with Bold Story Press?

It can be inexpensive to self-publish, but it’s a difficult road. In addition to writing your book, you have to edit it, format it, design it, print it, and market it. In addition to spending actual money, you’re spending an immense amount of time. And if you don’t know how to find the best editors, designers, and marketers, the end result may be disappointing. Many self-published books fail because they are editorially and aesthetically below par.

With the Bold Story Press publishing package, we bring over thirty years of publishing experience to the process of turning your manuscript into a professionally published, high-quality book of which you can be proud.  Our expertise will ensure that your book is not only published, but published with high-quality, industry-standard editing and design. And we’ll guide the process every step of the way, so your end result is a successful, beautifully published book.


$7,500.00 – $10,000.00

The services include:
  • Dedicated publishing project manager who will ensure your project receives high quality, individualized, editorial and design treatment and keeps it on schedule for publication.
  • Proofreading of the full manuscript in Word document format, with attention to your book’s custom stylesheet.
  • ISBN’s and copyright registration.
  • Metadata research to optimize the Amazon search algorithm to ensure maximum sales performance in Amazon’s competitive categories.
  • Customized cover design.
  • Customized interior design.
  • Customized back cover design.
  • Proofing of the final print file prior to publication.
  • Publish as an eBook, and paperback print format to be available in the Amazon global marketplace.
  • Development of a book launch strategy for Author to implement. This includes how to build a launch team, how to get reviews for your book, a strategy for mailings and what to post on social media to create a buzz during launch week.
  • Promotion of your book on the Bold Story Press website and social media platforms.

The Bold Story Press publishing package requires a deposit, with the balance paid in monthly installments, with the last payment occurring during the month of your book launch.

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