In 2021 I Choose To Be Braver With My Life

2020 was crazy….just crazy, and I don’t know about you but I am happy to see the end of it.
2021 is here, and the New Year is often a time for resolutions. After all of the hardships of 2020, if ever there was a year where we need to cast off the old year and step into the new one boldly, 2021 is that year.

I hate New Year’s resolutions because I suffer from a challenging condition called: “You’re not the boss of me.” It is the difficulty of hating having anyone else tell me what to do. As I get older, the condition seems to be getting worse.

Unfortunately, in recent years my challenge has grown from not only resisting what others tell me to do, but to also now resisting those things “I” ask myself to do. This makes working on change for the better a lot trickier. I find myself looking for ways to gently ease change into my life so I can manage my knee-jerk response of resistance.

When it comes to writing goals, I can resist like crazy. (Can you relate at all?)For years I have been telling myself, someday I’m going to write that book. If 2020 taught me anything, I realize I want to make the conscious decision to make brave choices and be bolder with my life.

When it comes to writing, my advice to me, (and to you if it will be helpful,) is to find the smallest possible step I can take toward achieving my goal of sharing my story and begin there.

If I start the process by thinking I have to produce a 500-page bestselling business book by June 1, I am dooming myself to disappointment. So, I will write the first 100 words, see how it feels, and then write the next 100. I won’t stop and edit (yet). I will ignore my critical voice.

I will just write.

I started with once a week. I am now up to twice a week. I am working my way up to writing every day.

I may find a writing support group. In time, I will set myself deadlines, but most importantly, I will keep reminding myself I have a story to share, and I want to share it.

Good luck to you, fellow writers!

Published by Emily Barrosse

With over 30 years experience as a strategist and leader in publishing and in her own businesses, Emily Barrosse earned her reputation as a “rainmaker” by taking bold actions that resulted in spectacular successes. As an Editor in Chief at McGraw-Hill, she transformed the sluggish culture into a competitive, hungry, growth-driven business. Fueled by explosive creativity, her division quadrupled pipeline productivity with innovative content for the future. As a coach and teacher, Emily’s passion is in empowering women to be bolder and to reach for greater success. She believes, with the right mindset, every woman can confidently achieve bolder goals. From personal experience, she knows nothing drives change and improves confidence faster than taking action.

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