Why Write?

The idea of writing and publishing your own book is so enticing. To see your thoughts and stories captured in print and shared with the world is empowering and exhilarating. Yet even with this promise at the end of the process, it’s still so easy to put off starting to write. At the beginning of the process, it helps to be clear about why you want to write a book.

You want to build your brand and establish yourself as an expert.

No matter your industry, as an entrepreneur, authoring a book is a valuable credential. Your published book can say to potential clients that you are not only credible, but also a respected expert in your field. A published book sets you apart from your competition and gives you a real advantage.

You have a message you want to share.

Your rise to the top included lots of victories, but also many, many, challenges. You want to share your journey with others so they can learn from your experience and use new skills to forge their own success. When you are honest, especially about your failures and setbacks, you inspire and empower those following in your footsteps.

You have a story inside that wants to be let out.

I can’t tell you how many authors have said that to me. Whether the book was fiction or nonfiction, they explained they felt “compelled” to write. They had a story simmering within – and they needed to get it out.

There is never a perfect time to write. Even when you pour a cup of coffee, put on jazz music for ambiance, and don your favorite writing cap, you can’t make the words come. There will always be a dozen things pulling you away from your writing. 

You may simply have to accept that it’s the right time to write your book when you keep thinking about writing a book. It’s the right time if you are passionate about a story you want to share. Ellis Avery, an award-winning author, wrote a haiku every day for over 20 years. Each day was the right time to write down those 17 syllables because she made it the right time to write. If you want to write, begin with a commitment to write something every day. 

If the thought of one day writing a book keeps coming up in your head, but you don’t know how to start, begin on September 9th. On that date Bold Story Press is offering a free webinar for those who want to write a book. Join us, and learn how to get started getting that book inside of you onto the written page.

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Published by Emily Barrosse

With over 30 years experience as a strategist and leader in publishing and in her own businesses, Emily Barrosse earned her reputation as a “rainmaker” by taking bold actions that resulted in spectacular successes. As an Editor in Chief at McGraw-Hill, she transformed the sluggish culture into a competitive, hungry, growth-driven business. Fueled by explosive creativity, her division quadrupled pipeline productivity with innovative content for the future. As a coach and teacher, Emily’s passion is in empowering women to be bolder and to reach for greater success. She believes, with the right mindset, every woman can confidently achieve bolder goals. From personal experience, she knows nothing drives change and improves confidence faster than taking action.

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